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"Mohammed Bin Afif Law Firm" is one of the leading law firms in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. "The team" consists of a distinguished team of professional lawyers, consultants and specialists in most branches of the law since the date of obtaining a professional license from the Ministry of Justice and the membership of the Bar Association The office continues to provide legal services that meet the needs of institutional clients, businesses and businessmen. The office specializes in most areas of law. The scope of work is concentrated in commercial law and financial issues. The mission of the office is to provide a high quality legal service for the continuity of the success of the companies. We believe in our heart that success generates more progress. We offer the highest level of professionalism and professionalism through creativity and excellence. We look forward to our office in the coming years as a " Best in the Middle East"

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Mohamed Binafif

Lawyer and Legal counsel

Sultan Al-Ameer

manager assistant

Mohamed Al-Jammal

Lawyer and Legal counsel

Ahmed Al-Muzaini

Lawyer and Legal counsel

Ahmad Dahlawi

Lawyer and Legal counsel

Sarah Al-Ghamdi

Lawyer and Legal counsel

Raghad Bashehab

Lawyer and Legal counsel

Bassam Al-Harthi

Public Relation Manager

Mohamed Nabeel


Abdulmajeed Zantout

Lawyer and Legal counsel

Mohamed Abu-Raya

Legal counsel

Mohannad Tamim

Lawyer and Legal counsel

Hatoon Jambi

Lawyer and Legal counsel


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